Were you scared out of your wits too on your last visit to a Fendi store? Was it because you mistook littlish furry things hanging out of bags for rodents? Oh my, and they come with names and attitudes too! In all sorts of lively colors mind you and they officially go by the name of bugs (hairy and quite scary if you ask me)
In spite of appearing to be a bit wide eyed and electrified (see the fur shape) they have been referred to as adorable. You would think so, though, in all fairness, they seem to be lacking somewhat in the mature & elegant department.
Should you be alarmed? Yes, by the price undoubtedly, as "Dragoo," "Furyou," and "Wild Jess" are on offer for a hefty sum of 700 £ and that’s lovely buggies only (minus the bag).

We’ve seen Cara Delevingne fall for them and Anna Dello Russo so they probably deserve a second chance though a nice way to go about it would be to just get the peek-a-boo bag and settle for some glaring and staring from your bag as opposed to allowing little buggies catching a free ride all over town.

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