My True Story for Wedding Stub!

Hi guys! The team at Wedding Stub asked me to share some tips and fashion looks with thier readers. We agreed that sharing my own wedding experience would make a good start. Here's the article I prepared for them along with a short interview.

Hola chic@s! El equipo de Wedding Stub me ha pedido que comparta algunos consejos y looks de moda con sus lectores. Nos ha parecido que compartir la experiencia de mi propia boda sería una buena forma de empezar. Aquí os dejo el artículo que preparé para ellos junto con una mini entrevista:


If there is such a thing as a picture perfect moment, that was mine

Now days when I look at my wedding album, it puts a smile on my face to think I wore an amazing dress. Mine was made of long soft shimmering silk and feathers that so faultlessly assembled into a crown­­. Feathers were sort of a theme of the wedding. Some were scattered over dinner tables, some were part of floral arrangements and guest gifts but mostly they just lingered in the air and told the story of the bridal dress. And then there was wedding location.

I wanted to share it with you in case you plan to take you special day abroad. This amazing villa hidden in the mountains of Madrid is just a 40 minute car ride from the city. We loved it because it was just so timeless.

Q: How did you guys meet?A: Javier and I met in one of those places you don’t exactly expect to meet your perfect match; we met on the 11th of November back in 2007 in one of Madrid’s biggest night clubs. I took a photo of a friend and Javier was close so he offered to take some of the two of us. I remember thinking how his English accent was adorable.

Q: Where did you guys go on your first date?A: On our first date we went to a Hawaiian Bar and shared a ‘vulkano’. We had dinner in restaurant nearby, right in the heart of Madrid. The night was a mix of great food, charming places and interesting company.

We kept coming back and that one time, on our first year anniversary I found myself engaged in that very same restaurant. It was a surprise but at the same time it was the easiest decision I ever had to make. I remember the waiter got so confused when he saw the ring and he forgot to bring the desserts.

Q: What do both of you love about each other?
A: What I love about Javier is that he is selfless to the point where it becomes hard to believe there are people out there like that. He is the voice of reason to me and the kind of best friend you can only hope to have. I know he loves my energy and my childish ways and how much he can trust me.

Q: What quick tips would you give to other bride & grooms?
A: We believe couples stay together if they understand the importance of being respectful and tolerant. With time we all involve into somewhat new people, s­­­­­­­omewhat different people but as long as there is respect and tolerance in how you treat one another, love won’t fade.
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  1. That is so beautiful! You are very lucky to have found such a great mach and have such a lovely wedding!

    1. thank you Jenna! I am indeed very lucky when it comes to love and very greatful for it too!! xoxo

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  3. Thank you again for everything.
    We loved you.


    Ashley Camii
    From The Wedding Stub Team

    1. It was a pleasure to be a guest on your page Ashley! xoxo

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    I'm not spanish but I live in Madrid! Thank you for following and come back soon!

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